Oct 15, 2011

Depression Follow-up

I want to let you all know I am still working towards finding natural healthful ways to combat (Pregnancy) Depression.  Below is a short list of what I have found to work for me so far.

  1. Music!  I dug out my old music and mixed it with my new music to make a “feelin’ good” play list. I have put together a selection of songs that are upbeat and make me feel good.  I listen to the play list when I am in the car, cleaning, feeling down… In the car I turn it up and sing so loud the baby kicks!  I love it, I can actually feel my body releasing feel good chemicals when one of my favorite songs come on, I dance, I sing, I feel so good.  You have got to try it!
  2. Walking. This one is so much easier said than done.  The hardest step for me the first and the easiest is the second.  I have found that if I just put on my walking shoes while listening to my feelin good play list I walk.  Oh My Goodness!  It really feels so good to walk.  Again, I feel those great feel good chemicals release and me and baby are happy on the move.
  3. Counting my blessings. I made a list of the lings I love and read it when I get down.  I keep it folded up in my wallet so I can pull it out anywhere.  Even when I am throwing the pity party from hell some of those things on my list cannot be taken for granted.  Please make a list, it has helped me BIG TIME.  I wrote some really silly things, but it’s my list for my eyes only, so it's really special to me. I also add stuff all of the time.
  4. Lying in bed quietly for five minutes when I get home from work.  I lay there and refuse to think. I prop up my pillows so I can lie on my back and I envision my day melting away and my body relaxing.  I love that time for me. 
  5. Bond with my baby- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.  I sit still, put my hand over my belly, sit quietly and just feel and listen. I just spend time with my baby.  Amazing.
  6. Eat healthfully and avoid giving into those really bad cravings.  Food does play a big role in mood.  I eat light and healthy I feel light and healthy.  I eat shit, I feel shit.  Cupcakes are excluded from this because they are so damn good!  Fruits better than chips, but cupcakes are better than crackers!
  7. Stay as busy as possible.  Idle hands… If I have too much time on my hands I start obsessing over my fears and worries.  I try to stop the thoughts or at the very least write one down and make a plan to fix it.  Believe it or not, this works really well, it immediately relives the anxiety and I feel like I have a plan so worry becomes even more wasteful.
  8. Hard Work. As much as I love throwing a massive pity party, I cannot do that anymore. It takes a bit of work and refocusing of my thoughts but I am always better for it.  Don't get me wrong when I am feeling really down it is hard to pick myself back up, especially when I am weighed down by psycho pregnancy hormones.  I just know I am always better off getting up than staying down.

This list of my lucky 7 is all for now.  I hope it makes you feel as much better as it did me.  The bottom line is that the minute I declared war on my depression, I started to win.  The war is not over but I have made a hell of a dent!

Stay tuned...

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  1. I love this post! I am going to print it out and put it on my fridge, and in my purse along with my blessings list.

  2. YAY! Add to the bottom of your list or print out, THIS IS A PITY PARTY FREE PREGNANCY! That is my new mantra. My husband loves to remind me of that...