Oct 4, 2011

Allergies During Pregnancy

Fabulous! I cannot breathe through my nose, my throat is sore from the drainage, I cannot stop sneezing, I am about to pass out onto my laptop and needless to say I am pissed off! I am in the middle of my second trimester energy boost and now I have to contend with my allergies--insert four-letter word starting with a capitol F ENDING WITH A CAPITOL K!

I have long suffered from allergies since moving to "My Old Kentucky Home." I know autumn and spring trigger my clogged head so I usually start a month or so early by consuming copious amounts of local honey. I had an Ear Nose and Throat doctor tell me that local honey was filled with pollen and helped to build my immune system. I started as usual with my honey regime in August, two months later I don’t feel like I made any progress.

FYI, here is some TMI… I was standing in the grocery with my husband and had a sneezing fit that caused me to experience a small-scale version of what it must feel like to have my water break. I just stood in the store so afraid to release the dam made up of my Kegels, butt cheeks and thighs. What’s worse is when I told my husband he started laughing and asking me if I really had “piss legs.” That made me laugh so hard I had to take off running to the bathroom. 3 aisles away I could still hear that shit laughing!

When we got home I started doing the research on having allergies while pregnant and what my options were. I found out that even women who never had allergies could find themselves bowled over by allergies while pregnant.

“Allergies are very common in pregnancy; about a quarter of all expectant mothers experience them. Not all are long-term allergy sufferers — many women with no known prior allergies complain of their symptoms just during pregnancy. Some of the stuffy symptoms are not allergies at all, but are the result of hormone-induced swelling in the nasal passages (which can also make actual allergy attacks a lot more uncomfortable). Others, however, will turn out to be indicators of newly discovered allergies.”

This is where I am going to stop with helpful information. I will say, during my research I stumbled on a few over-the-counter and prescription allergy meds available to preggies. I just do not feel comfortable telling you it’s safe to take this or that. It is also clear that pregnant women experience allergy symptoms worse than ever, for the very first time in their life or are just likening their “allergy like” symptoms to hormonal increases that are causing the symptoms. I feel awful and run down in addition to my “normal” allergy symptoms. It is entirely possible I have a cold instead. I took a benadryl and plan to call my doctor just to let her know my symptoms and get her diagnosis.

Still, what a pisser, thanks to my allergies I have lost a precious energy boost day. I just hope there won’t be too many more lost. I also hope that my “piss Legs” don’t come back anytime soon, though I have read that they most certainly will, and with a clown for a husband I might as well start wearing diapers today!

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  1. As an alternative medicine specialist I can say that only raw, (local to you = 5 mile radius) honey is thought and not proven to reduce allergy symptoms, and all honey is not safe to eat during pregnancy because of the risk of botulism and birth defects.

    Probiotics have been proven to support the immune system and reduce allergy symptoms and even help reduce risk of preecampsia in pregnant women.

    I hope you feel better. We live in one of the top 10 worst allergy areas. My hubs and I are getting hit too.

  2. Oh my gosh "piss legs" just made me laugh so hard I peed!

  3. @ Nadia--My husband feels like he has served his daily purpose now if he gets me to pee on myself and when I do it in public he's sure he's a Legned. Glad I made you laugh, sorry I made you pee. lol