Sep 19, 2011

Top 20 Observations at 20 weeks

1. My stomach is growing everyday—I know because I feel stretching, pulling and the sensation of being stuffed full of food 85% of the time.
2. I still wake up to pee at least 4 times a night.
3. Whether or not I think Maternity Clothes are “Stupid” I have to wear them.
4. I have traded my (chocolate) milk craving for Yogurt, “fruit on the bottom” of course and "Everything" bagels.
5. I wet myself, as much, if not more, than when I was an infant. I go through 2-3 pairs of underwear a day… I do a lot of laundry. I am not stoked about the idea of using diapers before my baby gets here.
6. My gas is still lethal. My husband and I don’t even flinch now when it happens, it’s actually pretty annoying and upsetting for all involved, most of all me. Still, I use it as a weapon at least once a day to achieve what I want.
7. My poo poos are buoyant. Some days, after 4 flushes, I think they will have to be fished out or dissolve before they will disappear. I know TMI but aren’t most pregnancy symptoms?
8. My tailbone feels like it is going to shoot through my bung hole if I stay seated for long periods at a time
9. I get heartburn and/or indigestion daily and most often at night.
10. I still cry all of the time.
11. I am a little less agitated, but when I am pissed off I am REALLY pissed off.
12. I am still mean as hell to my husband over anything and everything he does that even slightly annoys me.
13. My boobs are MASSIVE! They seem to hurt the most in the mornings, I am not sure if it is because I have slept on them, they have grown or both. I'm up two cups!
14. I am trading my under wire bras for wireless. The pressure from the wire and belly growth is like two rams butting heads.
15. It is getting harder and harder to put on my underwear, pants, socks and shoes.
16. My acne is for the most part under control, I still have it on my temples. I also use “ear buds” with my mobile phone religiously and wash my face at least twice a day.
17. I am so sick of taking my prenatal vitamins. I hate the Gummy’s now too, the smell of them makes my stomach turn. The pills however still make me sick and give me heartburn. The Gummy’s remain the lesser of two evils.
18. I am nervous about finding out the gender of my baby.
19. My body is out of freaking control.
20. The second trimester has been very tolerable so far. The stretching and pulling in my stomach and the indigestion are the worst symptoms so far. Truthfully, if I didn't have them I would think the worse, beacuse at times I almost feel normal again...

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  1. I worry on days when I feel almost normal that something bad happened.

    About bras, my most comfortable one still is my front closure. It does not cause that underwire embedded in my chest thing. Plus it's padded so when I'm at full attention (which is often, and huge) it is far less noticeable.