Sep 23, 2011

Pregnancy Fatigue

Pregnancy fatigue is no freaking joke!  I remember back in my first few weeks of pregnancy I thought I had the flu because I was so incredibly tired.  I finally grew out of that debilitating sleepiness by about week 10, or maybe I just acclimated to it. Of course my entire pregnancy I have been tired, but at times there is a fatigue that just takes over my entire day and life.

Recently, week 19-20, that ridiculous fatigue has returned.  I am back to getting through the day as best as I can and trying not to rationalize closing one eye on my way home from work to get a “half nap.” I’m being serious, sometimes I shut one eye like it will make a difference, the damn things hurt so bad from the sleepiness it at least gives one eyeball some relief.  Then once I make it home I drag my sorry ass up stairs and lunge my self into bed.  I am now on day four of that.  I don’t get it either, I am sleeping the same and working the same, but for some reason I need twice as much sleep.

I have searched my books and the internet for answers, maybe even a cure… yeah right, there are no cures for pregnancy symptoms, I have learned that the 20 week hard way! According to the Mayo Clinic, in the first trimester our levels of the hormone progesterone soar — which can put us to sleep. Also lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and increased blood production might team up to sap our energy as well. The book I love to Hate “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” says that later in pregnancy the growing baby puts more demands on our bodies and the good old emotional roller coaster of pregnancy zaps our energy too.

Then I read on WebMd that sometimes, feeling tired may be a sign of anemia (low iron in the blood), which is common during pregnancy. I’m going to call my doctor and ask about taking iron pills. Since I was just there yesterday and had blood work and a urine test done, I’m hoping she will be able to tell me straight away of it’s an iron deficiency or my big baby BOY zapping my energy. (sorry I can’t help it, I’m still screaming “It’s a BOY” from the rooftops!!!)

Regardless of what it is, pregnancy fatigue is so hard-core debilitating and just like my “baby brain” dangerous at times. I should not have been driving around today, handling client’s ads, or really even operating anything other than a toilet.  Seriously, the corners of my eyes hurt! I’m terrified that this may go on for the last half of my pregnancy, so here are the crap “cures” I found. 

The websites and books all said to offset the fatigue…
  • Go to sleep early (check!)
  • Take naps (Whenever Possible)
  • Stay on a routine (a What?)
  • Eat well and often to keep blood sugar levels up (Again with the constant, well prepared eating)
  • Don’t do it all yourself, Ask your partner for help (HAHAHA!!  You should see his attempt at folding and putting away the clothes… I’m not lowering my standards, yet!)
  • Exercise (do short walks count?)
  • Listen to your body, so rest if necessary (again, you mean when possible?)

Who the hell do these experts think I am? A stay at home trophy wife who can avoid the spin class if absolutely necessary and consult my chef on the way to nap time??  NO, I am a full-time employee, wife to a big husband-child, a writer and may other things filled with obligations. I can’t just stop, listen to my tired ass body and brain and take a nice relaxing nap!  For all of you that add “mother" to the list I just gave, you’re just plain screwed and sleep is just not going to come your way for another 18+ years! Remember, I am just the messenger. From all I have read and heard the moral of the pregnancy fatigue story…. Rest well Preggies it only gets worse.


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  1. Definitely find out about your iron before taking pills. Too much iron is bad too. And food sourced iron will not constipate you like the pills.

    Eating every few hours usually keeps me from getting exhausted, that and avoiding the heat.

    I'm so tired of my dad asking me, every time he sees me, if I'm exercising. I just want to say everything I do is like exercise now that I'm pregnant. Instead I just say yes.