Sep 1, 2011

The Pregnancy Brain or Baby Brain

A month ago I wrote about how, “Pregnancy has made me a moron.” At the time I was just starting to realize that something was just not right about my behavior and thought process.  A month later I am not only positive something is not quite right, I am convinced the baby ate my brain. Personally, I think it is more than frustrating, it’s downright embarrassing and at times dangerous.

At least twice I day I have to apologize for my simple baby brain. I continue to be surprised by how incredibly daft I have become. I have locked my husband and myself out of our house. I have called my clients by the wrong name on numerous occasions.  I am still forgetting where I am going and thanks to my coexisting in the States and Australia I am even questing which side of the road to be on sometimes. Oh, and FYI it has been August 22 for 10 days now. I am not sure why, but I keep writing August 22 on everything. I also wake up and wonder which day of the week it is at least twice a week!

I have decided my “Baby Brain” only has one layer of thinking. If I don’t get it right the first time it’s going to take a while for me to get it correct, if ever.  I kept asking my husband the other day if I was going to hit the mailbox, he just kept looking at me like i was nuts and saying no. Turns out he was right, I was nowhere near the "bloody" mailbox, because it was a garbage bin, and I did end up hitting it.  I just for the life of me cannot recall words, names, places, dates, you name it. I really imagine that I am like a stoned hippie just floating through life.

Two of the reader comments from the “Moron” post still resonate with me and make me laugh today. The first being, “In a meeting today I announced that we will have another meeting in the second week of Tuesday.” The Second was, “With my 1st I made up words too, so sure they meant what I thought, while hubby looked at me like I was crazy…” I have 4 months left and I am terrified of what my Baby Brain is capable of, or is it incapable of… Has anyone ever been put on bed rest for being a complete idiot?

I decided it was time to start looking for medical answers and cures.  I checked my usual MD Websites and there really is no proof that pregnancy itself makes us daft.  It appears that it’s the lack of sleep or multi-tasking that we do that causes the daft behavior.  Yeah, well… WHATEVER!  I have turned into a dingbat and so have all the pregnant women who have gone before me.  Chalk it up to whatever you want, preggies are brain impaired and there clearly appears to be nothing we can do about it.  

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  1. My husband's sister told me the other day that your brain actually shrinks during pregnancy. You might want to fact check that.

    I don't think it's lack of sleep. Like everything else that's making my body do weird things I believe it's hormones. I had a terrible day yesterday and my husband asked me to check my calendar to see if I would be starting a period if not pregnant...and he was right. So apparently I'm still have PMS as well.

  2. The Shrinking Brain is a whole other story... Stay tuned.... And I've had PMS symptoms for 10 weeks. 17 if you count the bloating and sore boobs. Still, sorry to hear about your bad day.