Sep 10, 2011


That's right, I officially have a big ol' pregnant belly. I keep reminding myself it's not a "fat" belly it's a "pregnant" belly. My belly sticks out heaps, no more confusion over whether I am pregnant or a regular at the buffet. While people keep telling me I look a month further along than my actual due date, I really think I am just having a big ass baby!

Just like the time my stomach spent two days stretching, cramping and pulling around month three and I ended up with a cute bump. It's been the same thing all over again, except in addition I have felt like a stuffed Thanksgiving turkey. I have gone from a cute bump to a great Alp. I've actually been really uncomfortable the last few days, but still totally worth it. I look like a big pregnant chick and I LOVE IT!

Plus, I am carrying really high, and I mean HIGH! I can for the most part still wear my pants, dresses and skirts. I do love the rubber band in the buttonhole trick that keeps my denim jeans going, plus I have a bellyband as a back up. I didn't understand the difference between carrying high or low until I became living proof. Trust me if you don't already know which way you are carrying, it will become very clear once you start showing, either you can button your pants or not...

One last tip: STOP SUCKING IN! Just let that beastly belly hang out because oh it feels so gooooood!

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  1. So, apparantly I'm "measuring" high, whatever that means. And I have been in maternity pants for at least 3 weeks, but probably a month, when I'm not at home in pajamas. And last night my husband looked at my belly and said "maybe you need to get some cocoa butter."

    Side question to mommies to be: What are you using for your stretching belly skin? And are any of you using nipple cream yet, and if so, what kind?

  2. Great Question! I will do some research on the stretch marks and nipple cream and get back to you Monday morning!

  3. Bio Oil is what I have been using and I love it. It has a light fragrance that isn't over powering and it makes my skin feel great. That being said, I've read that stretch marks are hereditary. You're either going to get them or not. :-/

    By far the most common craving of pregnant women is not to be pregnant. ~Phyllis Diller

  4. nevia works wonders for bump and boobs :) (sorry cant spell that)

  5. I use coconut oil on my belly and boobs, and my face, arms, legs, hair, everything else. It's a wonderful moisturizer and the smell is light and never made me sick. 20 weeks currently and I swear the coconut oil has kept stretchmarks at bay, or at least delayed them!