Sep 8, 2011

My baby is doing yoga in my belly!

I'm 20 weeks pregnant and I feel stretching and pulling like never before. I suppose while I'm uncomfortable, I am actually enjoying it! I feel pregnant in the way I always imagined, like I am growing a baby. I'm fairly certain I can spare you the recap of my unimaginable pregnancy thus far, though you are more than welcome to read my previous 49 blogs if the recap is necessary. ; )   If I had to compare this to a familiar feeling it would be like I am full of food, stuffed, not one more bite will fit in my mouth. I remember the first time I felt the pulling and stretching, it lasted two days and the next morning I woke up and had "popped."

Back then I was unsure of what was going on, now I am positive, my stomach is stretching and growing to make room for my baby! Notice how it's already the old situation of "my" baby verses "your" baby in regard to my husband. We all know from past blogs it has been "HIS" baby, today it's MY baby! These are the moments I get to bond with my baby and be thankful for my pregnancy.  

I want so bad to "love" my pregnancy like those women, you know, the know-it-alls I hate for making me think something is wrong with me for feeling otherwise. It’s funny, I have been baby brainwashed into being excited about the fact that I can barely breath, feel like I have eaten an entire Chinese buffet (Twice), and keep staring at my big belly in the mirror to see if I can actually see it grow.

Maybe that's the whole secret to "loving your pregnancy," fall in love with stretching, discomfort and the feeling of your baby doing yoga in your belly and sometimes even a jumping jack or two on your bladder! Or of course it is possible that I am just plain loosing what's left of my baby-devoured mind. 

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  1. I keep saying "my baby" all the time. And last night after my husband corrected me for the 100th time I told him "It's in my body, possession is 9/10ths of the law."

  2. yay i am sooo happy that you are falling in love; it will last a lifetime!!! now it seems that i read your blogs to remind me that my babies were actually at one point "sweet and innoscent" because sometimes i cant see past the attitude and disrespect they have aquired!!!
    thanks for your SUPPORT lol even when u had no clue it was!!!