Sep 24, 2011

I’m pregnant and feel great, is everything ok?

The title of this blog is really a serious question!  It’s a sad day in Pregnancy Land when an expecting mother is afraid she is not expecting anymore, because she no longer feels like she’s expecting! I have hit the second trimester “greatness” I hear about. I feel almost normal 85% on the time now, with the 15% being reserved for fatigue, heartburn, constant peeing and my inability to easily put on anything from the waist down.

Last weekend I told my sister that I have been feeling really good lately and as a result was scared something was wrong with the baby.  She told me, “Just go to your  doctors appointments and don’t worry about it.”  She said it in such a crappy way that I said, “Oh I’m sorry I guess during your two pregnancies you never worried about a thing!”  She apologized and admitted that she was freaked out all of the time too.  I should think every pregnant woman struggles with these fears their entire pregnancy too, atleast with their first!

I read all of the time about how each pregnancy is vastly different from the next, and I don’t mean each woman’s, I mean each and every pregnancy (ever). I am convinced each pregnancy is like a fingerprint, no two are the exact same.
I am so thankful for the Internet, my network and books, not only do I know what to expect, I know I am not loosing my mind either.  Thank you to the women who have had “easy” pregnancies for letting me know it’s possible.  Thank you to the women who have had “difficult” pregnancies for letting me know I am not alone.

I admit I feel like a hypocrite for complaining about my pregnancy symptoms, then a week later complaining about my lack there of. What the hell? I guess the truth is I want this baby so bad I am terrified I will do something wrong and loose it, but because I am human I still cry when I feel uncomfortable. Or maybe I'm just a big baby growing a big baby. I suppose the best I can do is what my sister said, try not to worry and enjoy  this pregnancy as much as possible. 

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  1. I thought the exact same thing last week. I even thought about buying a prenancy test just to make sure. Like you I have had every bad pregnancy side effect so felling good is very scary lol. Love your Blog!!!

  2. I am going through something similar but not exactly the same, everytime I go to the doctor and get to hear the baby I am excited, thrilled and mostly relieved. As the days go on until the next appointment, my confidence that the baby is ok is going away and being replaced by "I hope the baby is ok". How do I survive my pregnancy with enough faith to make it through to delivery?

    1. It's impossible! Just give up. You will always be scared. Just wait until you deliver... The anxiety triples!

      Truthfully, you will know when something is not ok. As long as you pray, and do partake in risky behaviors, then you are doing all you can. The fear is part of pregnancy.

      This too shall pass. Promise.

      Big hugs to you and bun. XX