Sep 3, 2011

I don’t feel like it! I’m taking the day off from life!

Some days I just don’t feel like it!  I don’t feel like being, doing, seeing, putting up with, dealing with ANYTHING!!  Today is that day.  I just want to sit on the couch on my fat cracker and watch chick flicks until my eyes fall out.  I want to eat what ever I want and have my husband massage my feet until they turn into wobbly fat flat noodles! Ok, so I guess I was wrong I do feel like doing something…nothing productive. 

For those of you reading this 32 weeks pregnant with at least one child hanging on you screaming for something and a partner looking for food or direction, I am sorry and I appreciate my situation even more thanks to you.  It’s ok, hate me you totally should for reminding you. BUT!  There was a time when the child was not hanging off you and the husband… well I suppose they have always been useless. Anyways, WE all deserve a day off and God knows some WAY more than others.

I informed my husband that I was taking a day off from life today.  I told him he would be very sorry if he asked for anything and did not say YES honey to everything. Yes, I do have it like that, come on 18 weeks of screaming at him, he’s terrified of me. By now he knows to avoid provoking that CRAZY IRRATIONAL HORMONAL behavior at all costs. I guess some good can come out of bad after all. ; )

I encourage you, my friend and reader, take the day off from life today if you can!  Put your feet up, stay in the clothes you slept in, watch what ever you want, even if your husband threatens to rub broken glass in his eyes.  We spend 9-10 months devoting our lives growing a human and caring for our already existing children/child and for some of us our biggest child of all, the husband.  Who says we can’t take the day off? I have no doubt our doctors would write us a prescription for it if need be!  Enjoy… I know I sure will!

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  2. AMEN!!!

    Luckily it's college football day, so I have plenty of peace & quiet to do just that :)