Sep 13, 2011

The huge heavy sore pregnant breasts.

It is offically time to talk candidly about my giga-normously painful as hell boobies! I feel confident saying that ALL women suffer from sore boobie-itis during and after pregnancy. For most our breast begin hurting right after conception and don’t stop hurting until the last breastfeeding. Over the last few months I have been blown away by the rapid growth, insane amount of pain and even the new shape these poor puppies have taken on.  I am also terrified about the fact that I have a few more months of growth to go! 

When I was about 8-10 weeks along the pain from the rapid growth became close to unbearable. It got to the point where if I bumped them tears would come to my eyes, I would even wake up from the pain if I rolled on them and bet your ass the #1 rule in my house was, TOUCH MY BREAST AND YOU WILL BE VERY SORRY. I finally found relief in the form of a “Nursing Care Instant Relief” system.  Basically it is two discs that went into the freezer and came with 20 reusable aloe treated sleeves that fit over the discs.  I used them diligently every night and morning for the next month, I would tuck them in my bra until the cooling effect wore off.  I love them and still use them when needed.

What freaks me out the most is that I have grown a cup size in each trimester, and my big fat heavy milk factories are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. I have learned to avoid bumping them at all costs, take my bra off slowly so they don’t fall fast and hard, sleep in a sports bra to keep them stable, or just gingerly lay those puppies on a feather pillow and pray I don’t roll over on them while I am sleeping. I probably shouldn't tell the world this but... I have slapped my husband with one to get him to get out of bed to take me to breakfast.  It seriously made a “slap” noise and shocked the hell out of him. So Funny!  I now threaten him with “Sexy Abuse” if he doesn’t do as I say.  As with all of our other evil pregnancy symptoms we can do little about, the best remedy is to make the best of it!

SIDE NOTE: NIPPLE CREAM--I had one of my favorite and most loyal readers ask about nipple cream and when to start using it.  From all of my research I have learned two important things.... ONE: there are a few sites that recommend using the cream a month to a week before your due date. However, most say using nipple cream a month to a week before conception will not make a bit of difference. TWO: it really is only necessary to use nipple cream when your nipples are dry and cracked. Of course I came across many different types including creams, butters & ointments.  I really do not feel comfortable making a plea for any one of the products.  It seems to come down to preference for ingredients i.e. all natural, pure lanolin, mainstream favorite… 

I have been very blessed with a great mother-in-law who immediately sent me a pregnancy care package from Australia with LUCAS’ Papaw Ointment, which I have every intention of using first before anything else. When the time comes to break it open I will let you all know what I think…. and as always I ask for your opinions and personal experiences. 

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  1. I should probably have some sympathy, but alas... my breasts have not grown. At all. I had the first trimester soreness, but that ended around 15 weeks or so. I bought some new bras shortly before finding out I was pregnant and am still wearing them at 36 weeks. Being a small busted woman, I was looking forward to having big boobs, so I feel a bit cheated.