Sep 5, 2011

Bring on the Holidays!

Today is Labor Day!  What that really means is that summer is over, autumn is here and most of all the big Holiday Season in the USA has begun! My husband gets a huge kick out of “American’s and their Holidays.” He was very quick to point out that no other country in the world comes close to the number of commercially celebrated holidays. I never thought about it before but it is true, Americans celebrate at least one massive holiday 10 months out of the 12, with October through January having really big ones. When I say "celebrate" I mean we don’t mess around, all the stores are throwing up that holiday’s theme, every house on the block is engaged in a pissing contest with the next to be the most decorated, and the holiday has a parade going on somewhere to commemorate it.

September-Labor Day
December-Chanukah / Christmas
January-New Years Day- national hangover day
February-Valentines Day
March- St. Patrick’s Day
April- Easter
May-Memorial Day
July-Independence day (aka July 4th)
Nothing in June or August

One other thing is for sure, at least in my case, the Holidays symbolize family and friends coming together, eating and drinking too much and without fail family dysfunction rears its ugly head.  FYI, I am the middle child, wear my heart on my sleeve, and my siblings will quickly tell you which of my buttons to push to piss me off or make me cry. Let's just say I'm looking forward to the days off from work and the food, the rest I can definitely do without.

I have decided that in order to really enjoy this holiday season I will need to use this pregnancy to my full advantage. I will do only what I want and apologize for nothing.  I am going to eat Halloween candy without guilt. I am going to dine and dash at Thanksgiving, not feeling bad at all about passing out from turkey comatose before the dishes are dry.  I WILL NOT go to any Christmas parties that traditionally suck or are filled with idiots I have no desire talking to.  Since I cannot join the drunks for New Years Eve, I WILL find a way to beat them.  I LOVE this new sassy me.  Now if only I can actually stick to the plan...

The other aspect of this Holiday season I am thankful for is that it will be my last without a family of my own. My husband and I could probably let the holidays pass with minimal celebrations and not shed a tear. It's the children that make the holidays, their excitement and joy is so infectious. I get so jealous of my siblings on Christmas Eve when they proudly tell me about the gifts they got for their kids and how they cannot wait to see their faces. I cannot wait to have that joy and excitement too. As much as this pregnancy is giving me hell so far, I know it will be worth a life time of holiday happiness...  

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  1. I'm already using the "I can't, I'm pregnant" excuse frequently.