Aug 5, 2011

Working while Pregnant... My least favorite activity

It is SO incredibly hard for me to work while being pregnant.  I have an outside sales job where I drive around all day getting in and out of my car in the extreme heat...  SUCKS!!! I keep telling myself I only have 3 weeks left of the heat from hell  and then it will be smooth sailing.  I am originally from South Florida and can put up with extreme heat, before baby I welcomed it.  I have never in my life wanted summer to end so badly.  It actually makes me sad.

I digress.  Working is really really hard for a pregnant woman regardless of the position.  The fatigue alone can be debilitating.  Of course those poor sweet unfortunate souls, like me, who deal with nausea more than not, are really screwed! Then there is the constant need to pee, snack, fart and cry.  A small glimpse into my world... I drive around in my car all day snacking, crying, farting, dry heaving and looking for a place to pee.  What's worse is I keep the windows up and the air condition on full blast so when the gas is absolutely wrong, I throw up.  That folks is a day in my life!

Then lets just talk about the hormones...   Something great happens I cry. Something bad happens I cry.  Something does not go my way I scream.  A client gives me trouble I give it right back. I no longer have a filter for my mouth, emotions or temper.

Here's the funny part, my employer can be sued if they fire me in my "condition."  hehehe! The way I see it, yeah it sucks to work during my pregnancy but at least I finally get to do and say what I want!

The truth is, if you are like me you need your job.  Thank God an employer has to have patience with us preggies.  I would love to quit, hell I would have loved to quit before baby, but I can't.  I need my health insurance and my paycheck to pay for the doctor bills.  I am also one of those completely screwed people who does not have a paid maternity leave or disability insurance.  I hate to say it but add this to the list of why I hate being Pregnant!

... the more I get used to this peanut- now small orange-  I feel worse for saying I hate being pregnant.  Still, I will love this baby very much, just not the way it got here...

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  1. I hate my job and want to quit so bad!!!! I am a server and it think being on my feet lifting those heavy trays and smelling all that food is bad for my baby. I am only 2 months pregnant and scared to death. I wish there was aid for pregnant women in unsafe jobs!

  2. I felt this way around week 13. Now at week 26 I'm feeling almost like a normal human being again, albeit one who's always tired and always has to pee. So I guess basically like my grandma. But hey, at least I'm not crying and gassy like I was a few months ago. Hang in there!

  3. LMBO... like your grandma! Thank you so much for the hope the gas will go away. It's so upsetting! Fun at first but now it's just inconvenient and annoying!