Aug 16, 2011

Pregnancy is making me SO Exhausted, Edgy & Emotional!

Oh my goodness I have had it!  I am so far beyond tired it may be dangerous.  At least I know it is for any one's well-being that gets in my way.  Of course going without electricity for 3 days and counting does not help my situation.  I also feel extremely edgy  and emotional from the exhaustion.  I keep telling myself to relax, calm down and focus on good thoughts. It's so much easier said than done, mostly because I cannot maintain a thought for more than 2 seconds.

The last few days I have been waking up between 4-6am and cannot get back to sleep.  It is so frustrating and the longer I lay there the more frazzled I get.  It's 4am, I am wide awake, I have nothing to do and no idea why I cannot get to sleep... ! That brings me to my next issue, getting comfortable.  I know that body pillows have been invented for pregnant women, I have one and it is not doing the job.  If an inventor or wife of one is reading please feel free to steal my idea.  I want a mattress topper that has a hole or indention for my fat butt and sore boobs and a place to put my arm so I don't sleep on it until it falls asleep and I wake up with a sore numb limb!  The body pillow is so hard to keep in place and roll around with. I need something that won't move when I do! I am a natural belly sleeper and sometimes my right side is ok but left is just not working for me yet. I am so "sleepy" and can't sleep, SO FREAKING ANNOYING!!

It should come as no surprise that my sleep deprivation coupled with my already spiked hormonal levels have made me a raging bitch!  My poor husband, family and friends...  It's true you hurt the ones You love the most. I am so edgy right now, I have no patience or understanding.  I feel bad but I am just so quick to jump up and down and scream.  I really feel bad and I hope it gets better... I just need a good nights sleep.  I insists that since week 5 of pregnancy a good nights sleep has been non-existent, creating the angry demon inside.

I'm not sure if it's the lack of sleep or the remorse for being an angry preggie, but I cry or want to cry at least once a day!  I want to cry right now thinking about it. Secretly I want my doctor to put me on an early bed rest. If I am stuck in bed I will have less of a chance to attack innocent bystanders. Possibly make it through this pregnancy still married with my family and friends talking to me.

I really do feel bad but I promise I cannot help it.  I want to be a well rested nice calm person but it is clearly not a possibility right now.  I keep telling my husband to do the research, pregnant women can emotional train wrecks. It's not just me!  He is a man so compassion and understanding is not his strongest suit... I have heard somewhere in the middle of the second trimester life almost returns to normal. All I have to say is it better because I am a hot mess right now and being so uncomfortable in my own skin Sucks!

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  1. Pregnant TooAugust 16, 2011

    I cried at LEAST once a day for weeks. Weeks! I cried in the shower, in the dressing room while shopping, watching TV, riding the train... In the end, I accepted I was gonna cry and just tried not to do it at my desk at work. It got better further in the 2nd trimester when the estrogen and progesterone evened out.

    For tiredness, I swear by "power naps". Just 20 minutes or so. There is something so relaxing about just taking 20 minutes out of the day to simply rest in a dark room.

  2. When I got huge with my daughter, I used to build a fort of pillows on the bed so I could sleep on my belly... basically the same- a hole for my belly & boobs in that case :) Lately I've found that sleeping on our reclining love-seat (I lay lengthwise) is more comfortable than the bed because it supports my back, keeps me at an angle, and no pressure on my belly... the hubby has lost all hope in the bedroom ;)

  3. You're in your second trimester now SOOOOO.... it's time to go get a mommy massage. :-) They have tables with a place for your belly and it'll really help release some of that pent up frustration and stress! I suggest at least a 60 minute session, but 90 is even better. You have to take care of yourself... this is totally worth it. :-)

  4. I think a water bed would contour your body, but try getting out of it every time you had to pee.

  5. LOL! Do water beds still exisit?

  6. Amen! Amen! Amen! I Googled this site because I feel the E X A C T same way. I only feel 15 minutes of happiness a week. The rest of the time i'm miserable, gassy, constipated, dizzy, hungry, sleepy, and a chronic Cartoon Network Adult Swim viewer because...I haven't slept since my 7th week. I'm @ 13 weeks now. Lord give us strentgh...

  7. Amen! Amen! Amen! I pray for strength more times a day than I pee... And you know that's a lot! I'm still not sure how anyone can "Love" being pregnant!

  8. this is helping so much i gotta say, i am everything and more, sometimes wonder if i am going insane lol, first pregennacy as told we couldn't have children so big shock but happy shock :) i am lucky though i happen to have one of those gorges partners that seems to know what i need before i do. 16 weeks on monday and really sick and tired of being tired all the time, cant wait to feel my little boo's kicking, a way to go yet though,

    1. Congratulations!! You are only 4 weeks away from a much better place. And another congrats on having a supportive partner! It helps. BIG TIME!!