Aug 19, 2011

Pregnancy forum or thread speak....huh??

Thanks to the awesomeness of technology today if I have a burning question I can get it answered in seconds. Before baby I would Google a question maybe 2-3 times a month at most.  Now, during baby I might Google 2-3 questions a day.   When Googling pregnancy questions I usually get a mix of trusted medical sites, magazine articles and pregnancy forums. In all cases I look for the most relevant and expert link available in the list. Which is exactly why I call the folks at the American Pregnancy Association or Mayo Clinic my friends, these are in my opinion trusted sites I always look to first.

I honestly find the answers from my girlfriends, peers and family just as beneficial if not more useful than those from doctors and experts found online.  In fact, I usually will opt to phone-a-friend before checking with the Google Gods for answers. Of course when it is a serious issue I will call my doctor before even letting my husband know what’s up. The order of sources I look to for answers, when possible, is doctor, mom, sister, friends, peers, Google doctor and lastly pregnancy forums.  WARNING: here comes one of my crazy hormonal rants… and before I get started I will be the first to admit part of my issue is due to my own ignorance, which always leads to frustration...

Pregnancy Forums are last because I do not speak forum.  I don't know how anyone speaks forum for that matter!  "My DS said BS to my DH about BO so I guess that's a no-no."  For those of you who do speak forum I bet that was the best answer you have ever seen, because I totally made it up.  I Google a question, see a link that looks spot on then click on it and get that crap! I even tried to look for a legend or pirates map to decipher what the hell they were trying to say and still couldn't find it, let alone figure it out. I understand writing out husband or father of my child and first born can be time consuming, but it doesn't seem like the acronym even matches?

Who made up forum speak??? Not to mention, I can barely stand to even go to a forum or thread because some of the women on there are so hormonally charged fire actually shoots out of my computer monitor!  I asked about chest pains and got rode hard, put up wet and then crapped on for not calling the doctor or ER immediately.  All I could reply with was, “Easy killer, I'm not having a heart attack I just have a little pressure.”  Which by the way MY doctor said was gas... yes, a whole other rant for me regarding my annoying gas driven pregnancy...

Seriously, do any of you hang out on those forums?  How did you learn to speak the crazy acronym language?  Is the acronym the same from pregnancy site to pregnancy site?  I am way to hormonal to try to figure out how to read an answer that is a paragraph long with only five recognizable words.  Sometimes I read an answer and think, ok she is just showing off with her vast pregnancy acronym knowledge.  No, I'm not jealous, I am annoyed!

Between the nasty replies I have seen, the heart breaking threads, abusive partner questions and acronym speak I am finished with forums all together.  I can honestly say I really don't think they help me out, they make me cry.  Sometimes I start to give an answer to a question, but before I do I read some of the nutty answers before me and I have to close the page.  I really think men and 6-year-olds who have no experience give answers on there.  "Of course it's safe to jump on a trampoline and skydive at 30 weeks!"  Ok, I made that up too, but I've seen just as ridiculous.

A promise I think I may have already made to you, my friends and readers, is that I will NEVER let crazy answers or catty bitches get their comments posted on here. Now, I do believe we are more than entitled to complain about our own bodies and pregnancies as much as we want too, feel free to post about that in a comment!  Pregnancy is so hard that being bitched at on top of it is not cool.  I vow to protect you all from it here! And I said I would never be a martyr... ; )

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  1. Thank you for using the English language... I, too, had to actually search and hunt down the glossary for acronyms on the boards, because I was truly stumped. Now that I have figured them out, I will use certain ones, but I agree- I'm usually terrified to offer my genuine opinion and have stalker, hate mail sent my way because someone things I'm too liberal or too paranoid. Sheesh ladies! Anyhow, the only thing worse than forum acronyms are text shortcuts- those drive me batty too. So thank you as always!!! ;)

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  3. Lol, you are welcome. The forums are scary places and I still avoid them.

  4. PregnantinAlabama (Terrifying!)February 26, 2012

    I love this blog. I'm only nine weeks right now, but is so wonderful to read what you went through and know I'm not alone in feeling both the negatives and positives of pregnancy. When I got to the part about hormonal fire shooting out of your monitor, I laughed so hard I peed a little, and anything that can make me do that when I have been stressed as hell is a blessing. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. You are so very welcome! Ahhh yes week 9... Don't worry it will go quickly and then believe it or not you will even miss prices of it. The good embrace.... The bad... Will pass! All the very best to you and baby! Xx

  5. I am glad I am not the only one that looks at the acronyms and says wtf. I "think" DH stands for dear hubby, but wouldn't the word hubby be just as good. We are talking about three more letters. For the people that do no speak forum-speak (myself included), it gets damn frustrating trying to understand what they are saying....and if you are to the point of going to forum you are desperate, which I can be occasionally. Oops, do I detect my own pregnancy rant? Yes I do and will end it with that. :)