Aug 9, 2011

My feet look like Fred Flintstone's. Yes I will cry about it!

Today when I got home from work I took off my shoes, looked down and saw Fred Flintstone's fat flat feet! My feet could stomp out all the grapes in Napa Valley in two steps! Make an ogre fall in love with my stumpy toes, watch out Princess Fiona. I'm trying to make light of it so I don't start uncontrollable hormone sobbing again.  My husband has always known I was nuts. Now I think he's afraid I'm going to go full-on point-of-no-return mad.  He may be right!

I started this pregnancy with a size 9 wide foot.  So you can imagine after a day on my feet in the summer heat... It's not even right! I also started this pregnancy thinking, I'll be sassy and pregnant in heels.  FYI I have been wearing flip flops (thongs) and stretchy strappy flat sandals for the last 2-3 weeks. I don't even lie to myself anymore.  That's not true I do think somehow in the autumn-winter months I will wear dresses with leggings and sassy boots.  I am not ready to completely surrender to frumpy... I do have a back up plan though, my Australian husband (who I have not completely hated for at least 3 days now!) has given me a pair of Uggs every year for the last 3, all in different styles and colors. Deep down I know those will be my sassy boots. God willing the ogre toes fit in them...

It's almost funny, in an insane funny ha ha sort of way, every inch of my body is affected by this pregnancy. Every part is expanding in one way or another.  Even my hair and nails. My eyelashes are flirty fans, I do like that!  I suppose I am surrendering more and more everyday.  I'm becoming acclimated to pregnancy!  I also had a lovely comment about the crying and gas going away.  That was just the little piece of hope I needed to start attempting to enjoy this bloody pregnancy. ; )

Remedy: Soak feet, Don't wear tight shoes to begin with, keep feet up regularly, Have significant other massage daily!

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