Aug 30, 2011

Too Funny! The daily list of Keywords. I thought I would share...

I have a reporting system attached to my website that tells me all kinds of info about traffic and where it comes from and what "Keywords" were used to get to  I love reading the Keyword list everyday because I get a new list of hysterical pregnancy hysteria!  I decided rather than rant about my pregnancy today, I would rave about my awesome readers!  Below is a list of my all time faves.  I have not edited them in anyway, I just copied and pasted them in.  I think the "Baby Brain" induced poor spelling and desperation make them even more funny.  Enjoy!

  • i'm so tired of being pregnant (Agreed)
  • i hate being pregnant (Some days Me too!)
  • 15 weeks pregnant and hate it (week 15 I just cried)
  • 15 weeks pregnant so so tired (crying all day can do that to a person)
  • 8 months preg n tired being preg (Beats the heck out of being 4 months Preg and tired. I'm so jealous.)
  • sick of being pregnant (ditto)
  • what to do if you hate your job while your pregnant (Tell everyone & pray. That's what I do)
  • I'm pregant and I hate my husband. (LOL!  I think we all do at one point or another...every hour or so ;))
  • My wife is pregnant and hates me (My Husband told his mate that the other day. Oops)
  • I'm pregnant and scared to death (God Help Us Both!)
  • I'm so edgy and emotional and 14 weeks pregnant (I'm 16 and still crazed)
  • 8 months pregs and want this baby OUT (I have no doubt I will shout that from the roof tops too.)
  • Pregnant and I hate EVERYONE (Nuff said!)
  • Im so sick of throwing up with morning sickness help (Help comes somewhere between week 12-20...)
  • I hate maternity clothes (Told you they were stupid)
  • Help I'm pregnant and cant stop crying (Sorry, I don't think you found help here b/c I am still crying...)
  • so damn tired of being pregnant (I hear ya girlfriend)
  • i'm pregnate and my butt is getting flatter how do i get it back to normal (I need the answer to that too)
  • I'm pregnant and can't stop eating (I'm kind of jealous. You may also want to find the girl with the flat butt and start a support group...)
  • pregnant exhausted from doing my hair (Yeah. Case and point why I don't do my hair anymore. Geez it's hard being a pulled together Preggie)
  • hera pregnant and angry (LMBO!  I'm not even touching this one. I'm southern, "Hera" is actually an accepted way to say "her is," which is also an accepted phrase.)
  • My boobs are so big and I think they hurt (You think they hurt?! I'm curious, What else do you think? Sounds like you might have "baby brain.")
  • Second trimester tired of being pregnant (Thank You. It's nice to know I am not alone)
  • It ain't easy being pregnant (Clearly you are from the south too.  It sure ain't y'all)
I love reading these everyday, mostly for laughs, but also for affirmation. I need to know I am not a wimpy unworthy cry baby. Being sick of being pregnant so early in my pregnancy is a bit scary, but clearly I am in some great and plentiful company at over 1,000 page views a day!  When I decided to write this blog I chose the name because it was not only how I truly felt at the time, it was also a feeling I had no doubt I would struggle with over the next 9 months.  

I know/hope I will soon Love being pregnant too.  I am looking forward to feeling the baby move and continuing to grow my unbreakable bond with Baby H.  Until then, I agree with every one of my incredibly awesome readers search terms... It sure ain't easy being pregnant...  ; ) 

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