Aug 2, 2011

It will be easier to keep it off now, then loose it later

My very wise and wonderful best friend told me, "it will be easier to keep off the weight now, then loose it later."  She told me this from the experience of her first child.  By the grace of God she is a week behind me in pregnancy with her second.  She is going to kill me, BUT I have to admit she did become a fatty-fatty-boom-boom!  (Love you J)  In fact I remember when she was about 7 months we met for lunch. I got there first and asked for a table for two. The girl brought me a to a booth and I said, "oh no my girl friend is big and fat and seriously pregnant, a booth won't work."  Of course I turned around and she was right there... Well, my darling J, Karma is a biotch!!!

I am starting to accept I may just be one of those ladies who gains heaps, I also know exactly what she means.  After Miss J had her first she spent six months at the YMCA busting her baby butt.  She looked great and now God love her number two is in the oven.  Still, she buys veggie platters for lunch and really is trying to be diligent about what she eats.  Clearly it is because she knows the alternative and is probably trying to avoid history repeating itself.

I realize I am carrying on way too much about the weight gain and body changes.  It's very hard at only 13 weeks to grasp it all so quickly. I am sure I really have no idea how much change is coming and need to cool it for a while.  I am going to just try to remember J's wise words, watch what I eat (as much as possible) and exercise whenever possible-- including parking far from the doors of the shopping mall.  I surrender, let the games begin!

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