Aug 2, 2011

I'm so tired of being pregnant!!

I mean SO freaking tired!!  I can barely keep my sore tired eyes open.  I know I am 13 weeks and still carrying on like a first trimester newbie.  I am so sick of it!  I need to start enjoying this pregnancy and fast. 

I am operating in a daze of nausea and fatigue 24/7.  Sometimes I think I am just a cry baby who cannot handle a little thing like pregnancy.  Then I get tired and crampy and nauseous and moody and EVERYTHING ELSE!!  It makes me want to cry but at this point I am too tired! How in the hell am I going to survive another 27 weeks??  

I know I am not alone and just because I meet more women than not who had "pretty easy" pregnancies, I AM NOT A FREAK!!  It's just so hard and I pray that it gets easier soon.  I really don't want to be this miserable.  I dread when people ask me how I'm doing.  All I want to say is I'M DOING $#!T!!! Of course I try to say it the nicest way possible instead. This baby is in control and I am just a vessel.

For all of you like me, I am really sorry for all of us.  I only am surviving because I have a strong faith and know without a doubt, this too shall pass. Plus, so far it's not really killing me. ; )

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  1. best thing to do is not to think about it stay busy all day makes your day go faster & your pregnancy will fly by