Aug 3, 2011

I'm craving so much milk during this pregnancy, I'm thinking of purchasing a small cow

When asked if I have any crazy cravings I always think of milk.  Before baby, milk was no more than a necessary evil in my Honey Bunches of Oats.  Now, I cannot drink enough milk, of course I add a fat squeeze of chocolate syrup for good measure once a day. I read last night that women in their first trimester drink an excesive amount of milk because the Embryo needs it.  I am now in my second and still sucking down a gallon every two days!  

From all I my research I have found that preggies crave milk because we are sharing a growing need for calcium with our baby.  Our sweet little babies are the vampires of calcium and iron during gestation. In addition to my milk chugging, I am also eating an organic "fruit on the bottom" yogurt a day. Clearly I/we need heaps of calcium. 

I've also read that if I didn't like milk before baby, I will probably stop liking it after baby.  Although, my co-worker said Yoo Hoo was her guilty pleasure during pregnancy, and still is years later.  All I know is that I can drink it straight now, and I would dry heave at the thought before baby.  

It may be possible that I am craving so much milk because I took Depo-Provera shot for nearly 10 years. Except at some point around year 7 it was black listed, that only lasted a few months. I was very lucky because I had none of the weight gain, moodiness or other crap side effects that most get.  I just  had 10 beautiful years menstruation free!  I was warned the whole way through that my bones were suffering and that I needed to take calcium pills.  I never did.  I wonder now if in addition to the baby robing me of calcium, I am also paying for the deficiency I never dealt with? 

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  1. I never thought of it until I read your post but, yes, I 'craved' milk in my first trimester too! Well... in a way. I ate cereal constantly, it seemed, and still do. I never really liked cereal before and NEVER drank milk before being pregnant. I still can't drink it by itself, but I love drinking it after I finish my cereal. Odd. ;-)