Aug 18, 2011

I'm 15 Weeks Pregnant Today!

YAY, I'm over a third of the way there!  I decided saying it like that sounded more encouraging than saying how many days, weeks, or months I had left to go.  In a way I feel like I’m not a freshman anymore… I’m a full on sophomore at the School of Pregnancy. I have mastered the first trimester and am settling nicely into my second trimester… Which I have no doubt means just wait until the next round of symptoms comes along! 

So far my second trimester has brought relief from lots of the first trimester symptoms.  I only get nauseous now if I’m hungry, smell or see something that grosses me out or I eat too much.  I only got up to pee four times last night!  My breasts are still large but much less tender. My gas is not nearly as frequent, still stinky and annoying though. Most of all I don't want to rip my husband's face off anymore! Just like High School I would never want to relive my first trimester.

That being said, the second trimester certainly has brought it’s own set of sexy symptoms. Headaches, acne, stretching and pulling, ZERO patience, anger, back pain, chest pain (not sure what that’s about, I’m going to ask my doctor tomorrow) and I’m still exhausted all of the time. I am also growing and showing more everyday.  Of course I’m also eating more, and keeping it down.  I hate to admit to what I have eaten to cause my growth… Chocolate milk is still my favorite beverage, skim milk with reduced sugar and calorie Hershey’s syrup FYI.

Crap, I’ll come clean… I’m eating everything I crave! But, but, but… Dammit I spent the first 13 weeks of my pregnancy puking my guts up, scared to eat and completely turned off by the sight of most foods.  NOW! If I crave something I track it down and devour it. I am even eating eggs again!  Yesterday I had an egg and bacon breakfast, an Auntie Anne’s pretzel, cheese sticks, pizza and apple pie.  No, I do not have any shame in my game… just a bellyache and a Pepcid.

All in all I am a happy pregnant person today, headache and all. I cannot wait to start feeling this baby move.  Since I am not sure what I am supposed to feel I am afraid this baby is going to have to kick the crap out of me before I will notice anything. I guess I am starting to believe that my pregnancy is not an evil punishment for being a bad child to my mother and quite possibly I may even fully enjoy it… eventually…

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  2. Nice.. at 15 weeks pregnant time, mother will find some baby movements on belly.. I hope you will get soon.. enjoy your pregnancy., take care..

  3. I am now 21 weeks and started feeling little kicks last week! Amazing...