Aug 23, 2011

I'm 15 weeks Pregnant and Now my Husband Hates Me!

Ok, he really doesn't hate me, I think/hope he is just running out of patience with me. I really feel bad about it… right now.  In two minutes I might get frustrated or mad at him and not give a crap.  That's pretty much how it goes in my house.  I'm so up and down with him all of the time.  Yesterday I went so crazy hormonal on him I actually had to go out and buy him an “I’m Sorry” present!  

I have a pregnant friend who told me she has to remind herself to go give her husband a kiss twice a day.  That resonated with me so much, I can honestly say I don’t initiate the affection at all anymore.  In fact I told myself to set an alarm to kiss my husband twice a day, I never did.  I still have no plan too, what if I hate my husband when the alarm goes off?  Ok know that’s a little harsh but… HE DID THIS TO ME!!!  I tell him that all the time, or I tell him it’s not me it’s his baby causing all this hormonal nuttiness.  Oddly enough that shuts him up, possibly because he agrees or more likely because he see how irrational I am being and is scared to push me with a rebuttal.

In addition to my irrational, frustrated and angry behavior there is also the fact that he tries so hard to please me but fails. He is the cook in this family, he loves to cook and I love him to do it.  In the last 15 weeks he has tried to make me dinner and nearly every…no every time…. I end up eating just the salad or cereal.   A couple of nights ago he made my favorite pasta dish, I didn’t like the way it smelled and couldn’t eat it, of course I cried about it.  He cleaned the house last week vacuumed and all, I came home from work so tired I didn’t even notice. 

I hope I get off this hormonal train soon, and so does my husband.  I am an angry, crying, unaffectionate, cranky mess!  I know he keeps looking at me and thinking, she looks like my wife, but is possessed by the devil!  I really have to make a valid effort to be a more loving and affectionate wife. We have 25 weeks to go and after that, quiet romantic time alone will be very hard to come by.  

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  1. A Kiss Alarm??? Hmmmm... ever notice some of the hubby smells (breath, sweat, hair product, etc), just make you wanna step 5 feet back? Then I feel irritated for being irritated that that bothered me. LOL. Yep... I need to subscribe to the kiss alarm too, for the greater good of my marriage- and damn, I don't want to resort to an "I'm sorry" gift!!!

  2. I have this same problem, I'm only 11w2d and my boyfriend is the cook at home. He loves to cook, and I'm a disaster in the kitchen so it works out great. Except I haven't been able to eat anything he's cooked for at least 4 weeks now. I feel terrible, he tries so hard and all he gets is me pushing it away and reaching for the crackers instead!!

  3. Don't worry it gets better! My husband and I found that if he makes me a yummy dessert he cannot go wrong. I'm 20 weeks and still coming up with dinner an hour before the meal but 9 out of 10 times I eat it. Best Wishes to you both!

  4. Totally dealing with the same kind of stuff. I dont like crying in front of ppl or at all so all my hormones are coming out as anger and bitchery. I feel oober bad but at the same time I feel like punching him because I feel since it's me who cant have cigerettes or drink or eat or sleep and he gets to do all of that, he owes me some patients. He told me the other night that if i was this way before we got married he never would have married me. Now im hurt and scared that with 20 more weeks of this I could very possibly drive our marriage to its end :(

  5. Yep my husband is the same way. He hates me and says he wishes we wouldn't have gotten married. He says I'm an asshole all the time for not being affectionate and wanting to be alone. He makes me cry all the time...I tell him the baby is making me hormonal but he doesn't care. He thinks I'm just cheating on him which is totally untrue. I'm just too focused on myself to care about his feelings right now. Am I really a horrible person like he says?