Aug 10, 2011

I'm 14 weeks pregnant and just met my new enemy... Indigestion.

Sweet mother of Mercy! Indigestion is NO FREAKING JOKE! Burning right under my breast bone to the middle of my stomach. At first I thought it was a miscarriage. Very Scary. As you can imagine I was apologizing to God for all the mean things I've said about this pregnancy... Now that I know what it is... Oh yeah I got a lot of mean thoughts going through my head right now!!

My husband made me a noodle dish for dinner. It was not too spicy or fatty. About an hour later there was a serious fire in the hole!! I just want to cry! Of course I already did... I'm never going to survive this damn pregnancy! I used to have an iron stomach, now it's worthless!! I can barely eat and when I finally do indigestion happens. ARG!

Please someone tell me how all women don't completely loose their minds from pregnancy?? In fact now it makes sense why our memories are supposedly wiped clean after pregnancy... We do go crazy. We actually black it out because it is so traumatic.

I can bearly wait to find out what's next...

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  1. PregnantinAlabamaFebruary 26, 2012

    I love that Pepcid is advertised at the top of this post :)

    1. That is funny! Wait until Tums becomes you new favorite candy! I had a bottle by the bed, one in the kitchen and a small bag in my hand bag. I should own stock in that company!!