Aug 11, 2011

I may still be pregnant but I'm already a mommy!

Before I get started I want to make it clear that my hat is off to you mothers who already have an infant/toddler/child running around.  But if you will, look back to your first....

I spent a wonderful afternoon catching up with an old friend who is exactly one week behind me in her pregnancy.  We met when I moved into my first place... Early twenties and wild!  Drinking WAY too much, dancing until the floor was on fire and eating breakfast at 6 am after it all. The Good Ole Days!!   In fact I hate to say it, but I'm a professional at puking and sleeping because of these good ole days.

After both of us agreed we were having overly hormonal, nauseous, grumpy pregnancies, We agreed we were terrified about the next phase of our lives, growing up and becoming mommies.  Which led us to realizing we kind of already are mommies.  We have already begun to change our lives and wicked ways to accommodate the little angel growing in our bellies.  

Once I found out I was pregnant it was instantly good bye to my favorite vices, cigarettes, booze, dancing all night and eating crap at 6am to soak it all up. This baby IS in charge of me. I surely would not choose to be throwing up, peeing 200 times a day, incredibly bitchy and so sleepy I try driving with one eye open! Really, I love dreaming about food only to get it in front of me and realize I was wrong. My un-born baby has made my last 10 months of childfree freedom seem irrelevant.  I can no longer do what I want. BOOOO!

I have to admit I do watch the Jersey Shore on MTV.  This season they are living in Italy.  They are living the dream… my old dream.  Mansion, all the booze and cigarettes they can consume and a huge posse to go out to the clubs with to “Do The Damn Thing.”   While watching the season opener, I actually got resentful of my baby and husband and wanted to run away to Italy and Do The Damn Thing myself!  (Truthfully, deep down I know I cannot hang with The Jersey Shore kids, I’m 33 and get hung over from 2 drinks and have to be in bed by 1am.)

I can hear some of you (and a little of myself) saying, "Get over it!"  I wanted this baby so I should be happy.  At 33 years old I should give up the twenty something behavior already. Well, all I have to say to that is : p followed by a massive spitting raspberry!!  Oh My Goodness I don't want to grow up yet. In fact, more than ever I want to revert to my old wicked ways.  Truth is, I am scared to death of change and fear of the unknown.

Thank God I have 26 more weeks to grow up and accept the responsibilities that come with motherhood...I better… I did want this…

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  1. Wow! Just came across your blog after randomly typing the phrase "tired of being pregnant" into my as you can tell I'm in the same sh*t boat! After reading most of your posts, you've taken all of the words straight from my mouth! I tried for this baby, I want this baby, I can't wait to be a mother, but there is not one thing I find enjoyable about pregnancy...nada! I'm about two weeks behind you, so I look forward to keeping up with your progress.

  2. I have 24 weeks left! I'm on the babybump forum and a lot of us love you there. You should come visit =)

  3. Wow! Thank you so much!! I do come visit but I get what I need and run. Some of those forum responses are scary and mean. I'm just too hormonal for it sometimes. I either want to yell, cry or beat someone up for someone else. I will say though I did check it out when the fire deamon of indegestion kicked my door in! Was very helpful!

  4. I recently turned 22 and I will be 13wks pregnant tomorrow. I only "partied" for maybe 2 yrs, then settled down with my boyfriend. Didn't really resent it til I got pregnant. Now I don't have the option to party. Its sad and makes me feel old lol im right there with you. Please keep writing! It makes me feel like im not alone :)