Aug 25, 2011

I have to work up until the day I deliver because my Company doesn't have benefits and my Government doesn't care.

Today a salesman at a client's car lot asked me from across the room, "I see you rubbing your belly.  Did you drink too much last night or are you growing something in there?"  Really?!  Only a stupid man could come up with that.  In order to not scream, kick and cry, I laughed it off and said, "well, at 4 months pregnant if a small beer belly is what you see, maybe that's not a bad thing. Then I got in my car and thought... Dammit I'm still just a round bloated pudge! Then... I realized I am over analyzing, I know I look pregnant and screw him! 

I work with some of the most un-savory people, let me tell you. Remember the guy who asked me at 8 weeks if I was drunk when I threw up at his car lot? Clearly there is a trend between these guys, booze and familiarity with drunken women, because somehow my pregnancy reminds them of the ladies they run with.  I am certainly blessed to have a job in this current economic climate of crappiness, BUT I sure do despise it sometimes and wish I could stay home and write for a living.  Writing these blogs happens to be the highlight of my day, my therapy.

Unfortunately, I have to work right up until the day I deliver. My current company offers no maternity leave benefits. If I don't file FMLA I will not have a job when I’m ready to return to work. The only benefit I will receive once I have this baby is $100 a week for 6 weeks, that’s a benefit offered by my medical insurance.  I also have no short-term disability benefits to cover me if I go on bed rest or when I deliver and take time off work. I cannot believe that I could be expected to return to work in days from delivery not weeks.  

I get so frustrated when I think about the fact that America is one of the only developed countries that does not offer any government sponsored or even enforced company maternity benefit plans.  I wanted to scream when my sister-in-law, who lives in Australia, said not only did she not pay a penny to have her children, she was given pre and post paid time off from work and financial support from the government.  Why did I drag my husband back to America to start a family?  

Now, on to my company’s health insurance, it's completely crap!  I get one ultra sound during my pregnancy and I have to meet my huge deductible before my insurance kicks in to an 80/20 pay plan... which I pay until I meet my huge "out of pocket" premium.  I am due February 9, 2012, my insurance resets on January 1, 2012. Yes!  I do have to meet my deductible and out of pocket premium twice! It’s beyond daunting and frustrating. How in the hell do people do it!  

Ahhh, I actually do feel better for throwing up that massive bitch!  What I don't feel better about is the fact that it won't make a damn bit of difference! The reality is that the USA does not take care of its pregnant citizens the way so many other developed countries do. Don't get me wrong, I love this land very much, and am very thankful for my freedom.  I understand the trade off, but when I see crack heads and lazy people getting welfare and government support I want to scream!  I work hard and pay my taxes to support them, but when I need the support I get nothing.  Hello?  Capitol Hill... WTF?!?!?!   

I really don't even know how to wrap this up because I could go on for hours.  I guess I just know I will make it work dammit. One way or another I will have this baby and pay the bills.  I just only hope and pray that by the time my children have children this country has sorted out the big mess that is government support and welfare and how those dollars are spent.

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  1. Just complained about this (well, for the hundredth time) yesterday... 6 years ago having my daughter, I paid maybe $40 copay out of pocket, and that was it! My company paid for my premiums, and the insurance was, well, insurance- it covered everything.

    NOW???? Even with "insurance" and paying out the @ss for the monthly premium (even with employer sponsored plans) I am still paying thousands??? I get the "would you like to pay part of your balance today?" at my doctor's office. So the hubs asked- oh? what is it? (I knew, just putting it off), oh, it's around $1600 right now- THAT's WITH INSURANCE- and I'm only 15 weeks. WTF.

    Sorry- just saying- it's a big conspiracy to support birth control- unless of course you get free food and help from the government, then you can get all the paid healthcare you want- that makes sense. UGH.

    Sorry for hijacking your rant... :) I say Australia sounds pretty damn good

  2. No worries... You did not hijack a thing! I expect this one to get loads of comments. I also remember when insurance had copays and actually provided great coverage. My husband nearly put us on a plane when our doctors office explained our "benefits." After a brief cooling period for my husband... lol. I explained that now in America all insurance means is that the doctor will see you, and we get a coupon for 10% off our visit.

  3. So ridiculous I just don't know how you do it. You don't even have to get on a plane to get better! Just come north of the border to Canada! As long as you are working and paying Employment Insurance ($786.76/ year) which gets deducted from your paycheck and everyone has to pay into. You get 52 weeks unemployment insurance (which max is about $450/week) but its better then nothing! And the company you worked for HAS to keep your job for you!
    I am 14 weeks now with my second but I work on a contract basis so I don't pay into EI and I won't be getting it, but I'll just pick up some jobs here and there after the baby is born.
    Not to mention we don't pay for healthcare out of pocket!