Aug 26, 2011

I don't feel like a Lady. I feel like a Pregnant!

Today I am 16 weeks pregnant and 14 weeks un-ladylike.  I feel bad, mostly for my husband and a little for my clients (lol), but because I feel so bad (pregnant) I just don’t have it in me to put myself all the way together like I used to.  I take my hat off to those women who are able to get up in the morning and take a shower, do their hair and make-up, and put together a great outfit, shoes and accessories to match.  I am barely capable of accomplishing one of those things and on a very good day two would be my tops. I’m tired, covered in acne, bloated, my feet are Fred Flintstone size and most of all I just don’t feel pretty and lady like.

No. I am not throwing a pity party on this one, I am just telling it like it is.  Today I saw a girl in the cutest outfit with the cutest wedge heels and I was SO envious!  I was also SO worn out from the thought of what she went through to get there.  I have to work my magic in stages.  At night before bed I shower and put on a pretty smelling lotion, which the smelly lotion is a recent addition to my nightly regime since my sensitivity to smell has slightly subsided.  When I get up in the morning it is just enough to be presentable to the world--basic hair, make-up and clothes.

I really just do not have the energy.  It is really tiring standing there for 30 minutes plus doing my hair and make-up and then trying on 101 outfits to find one that fits and is flattering.  I really just don’t feel like myself and don’t look like it either. Yesterday I actually tried to get myself together to spite my pregnancy blahs. I ended up feeling sorry for myself at the end because my efforts seemed fruitless. I think my biggest problem now is that I am in the in between stage, maternity clothes don’t fit well or flatter me and my pre-baby clothes are getting to snug. What comes after muffin top? Not to mention I’m still getting used to my constantly growing belly, butt and boobs!

I loved watching the show “Pregnant in Heels” and promised myself that would be me when I got pregnant. Not a month later I got pregnant and my trendy lady-like ways were lost very quickly.  Even though that girl today in the super hot outfit made me green with envy she also helped me remember, I WILL GET BACK TO FABULOUS!!!  I really hope I get back to it before baby is born.  I have heard that some strange burst of energy comes somewhere after week 22 until week 30 or so…. Still, come hell or high water I will be fabulous again!!!  WE ALL WILL BE!!!

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  1. Girl, do not feel badly. There are different kinds of fabulous. And just so all you ladies know, wearing any kind of heel while pregnant increases your risk of substantial, lasting back pain during and post pregnancy. My sister is still in physical therapy 7 months later. So far since becoming pregnant I have felt cute 1 out of 106 days.

  2. Oh dear- I feel the pain- this was me last night when the daughter & hubby were trying to help me find something suitable to wear to dinner- I just simply looked- what was the word? Ahhh- "retarded-" so kind... I literally have to bring a chair into the bathroom if I opt to tackle my mop of hair with the flat iron, not to mention anymore makeup than just powder and mascara. I miss being pretty :(

  3. I Keep the bar stool in the bathroom. Sometimes I sit on it to brush and floss my teeth. Lazy is my new Love! I keep reminding my self it's just 10 months not forever!

  4. I cant lie... I am one of the preggo pretties. But before you even think about how nice it must be, IT ISNT. I think im just too afraid to let myself go entirely. Id honestly rather just wake up and throw on anything and say WHO CARES! Im officially 37 weeks today and ready to have my baby any hour. Although I have maintained the somewhat stylish lifestyle while pregnant, I STILL FEEL LIKE CRAP most days. Put together nicely or not, I dont believe anyone feels like "themselves" while pregnant. Perhaps im as well afraid that if I dont at least try my best to get cute, then I will have too much time to focus on the fact that ive put on nearly 50 pounds during this pregnancy! Can you hear me screaming "DEPRESSING". The fitness queen has clearly left the building, and now someone more greedy,round, and wobbly resides. And the constant comments of "OMG YOU ARE HUGE" are getting on my last nerve. As if I dont already know it. While you are green with envy in the "looking good" department, I am miserable wondering how some ladies get pregnant and only gain 12 pounds! I look at pics of myself pre-preggo and pray I will look even halfway like that again. I totally understand that you dont have the energy, but at the same time I kinda admire you. Pregnancy is exhausting, and you are basically like "so what"! And all the while im like "oh no"! Sounds silly, but geesh im just tired! Tired of very little rest, tired of my hips burning at night, and tired of all of the energy it takes just to convince myself that Im still here. Im so happy I will be meeting my son soon. And im SO HAPPY that soon after, I can just get back to feeling and looking like my old self again! Best wishes, and continue to enjoy being comfortable in your skin even though you dont see it that way.

  5. Oh my! You just made me cry. Thank you, I do see how the grass is greener for us both... Just think if we were neighbors we would have the prettiest lawns in the land!

    And a right back at just a few weeks you will be on the road to pregnancy recovery, for that I REALLY envy you! ; ) 50 pounds is not too bad... My girl friend went from a size 2 to a 12, poor thing. But within 8 months she was back to her super hot self! You can doooooo it!

    All The very best to you too!