Aug 10, 2011

I don't enjoy food anymore... THIS MEANS WAR!!!

I've been pregnant for nearly 100 days... I cannot remember my last tasty meal. I like to consider myself a foodie.  I worked in fine dining restaurants all through college, which happened to take 6 years.  I came to expect a high standard of food and flavors.  I also never learned to cook for myself.  Luckily, I married a man who loves to cook and quickly agreed I had no business in the kitchen. 

I also smoked cigarettes until I found out I was pregnant.  After years of smoking I know I am very lucky to have quit so quickly and relatively easily.  I think it was mostly because my Catholic guilt got the best of me.  The smell would also make me want to vomit.  Of course I tried to quit multiple times in my 10 year run.  Every time I would try to quit, which was about 100 times, I looked forward to actually tasting my food again. I just loved smoking so quitting never really made sense, and the fact that I wanted to kill people didn't help. It was when I knew if I didn't quit I really could kill someone I had no choice, and again Catholic guilt...

Now I'm pregnant, smoke free and armed with a license to eat until I pop, NOTHING TASTES GOOD!!!!! The best meal of the day for me is my half Raisin Bran half Frosted Shredded Wheat cereal. That's only because I can eat more than 5 bites, most days.  What a freaking joke! Eating has become more of a chore than a choice.  

I actually sit around and think, if I could eat anything what would it be?  As soon as I figure it out I yell to my husband, "Quick get your shoes on I know what I want to eat."  God love him, he doesn't miss a beat and we're out the door. I am now on my third meal in a row where I have had 2 bites at the most.  It's actually getting really annoying. The dog lucked out today and ended up with my chicken strips.  

I'm so sick of getting excited for a great meal only to take a look at it sitting in front of me and want to throw up on it.  I'm starting to think partners gain weight during pregnancy because they end up eating two meals. It has got to get better.  Seriously, I worried so much at first about weight gain and now I cannot even friggin' eat.  Be careful what you wish for...

Why ME?  What did I do to the pregnancy Gods to piss them off to the point of gracing me with the most uncomfortable annoying pregnancy I can imagine?  And what really makes me laugh is that EVERYONE promises me that I am going to forget it!  HORSE POO!!!  I am going to read this and remember.  Which will only back fire because I love my siblings so much and completely understand the importance of giving my first born a sibling, a friend.  The question still remains wether or not to have number two quickly or wait a few years?  I suppose for now I should just focus on surviving this "wonderful blessing."

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  1. Funny girl...
    The good news is every pregnancy is different and unexpectedly wonderful in its own way!
    My first one was truly a blessing. I was skipping on rocks 8 months into it, feeling wonderful, great appetite, and not much weight gain.
    This one however...has been making me nauseous for weeks now and i am on week 7, and I totally agree with you. I was just telling my hubby how I haven't enjoyed a meal in weeks!

    My point is, don't give up on a second pregnancy, it might be completely different for ya.

    Much Love,