Aug 15, 2011

I bonded with my unborn child! Then all Hell broke loose...

I had a major epiphany over the weekend.  It all started while I was standing in a beer line with my husband. Easy Know-It-Alls I was just standing there with him, water in hand.   I was rubbing my belly, looked down through my fat stomach and for a minute saw my little developing baby.  I could see it in there growing and I fell in love.  It was a very cool, very surreal moment. I can finally say at 14 weeks and 2 days I have bonded with my unborn child.

Then all hell broke loose…

My husband and I were at a Catholic picnic supporting Orphan children, when I received a text message that a severe thunder storm was on it's way.  We decided to gamble away our last dollar at the cake booth then head home. Not a minute later a massive gust of wind blew through.  The gust was so strong the make shift roof of the booth blew up and then nearly all the way off.  I screamed along with most of the women and children standing around me.  My husband grabbed my hand and we turned for the car.  The wind, lightning and thunder were beyond fierce.  Then the rain came down in puddles. Tree branches were snapping and falling all around us, debris whipping through it all.

We had to stop running for the car and seek shelter under one of the many booths, already crowded with picnic goers.  I was ringing wet in nothing more than a strappy sundress and sandals.  I was hysterical and shivering. My husband was trying his best to shield me from the flying debris and calm me down.  The wind was so strong it kept lifting the roof off the booth, all the while the rain was blowing in from all sides.

I felt like a failure as a parent, we should have left the second I got the text message. Not to mention the sky was black, I didn’t even need the warning text to know trouble was brewing.  I never ever, ever, want to feel like I have failed my child again.  I was a big fat hormonal nightmare and I never want to go back to that dark side again! My husband seconds that...

When the storm quieted we headed back to the car and began our trip home.  That storm brought 70mph wind, flooding and devastation. It was a very difficult drive home, one that should have taken 5 minutes not 20. Trees and power lines were down everywhere, in the road, on houses and cars. When we finally made it home I knew immediately we had no electricity.  In fact, I am writing from a McDonalds restaurant right now.

The other life truth I was reminded of is how fast life can change.  I was standing at that booth at 5:05pm thinking about ripping the faces off people, smacking my husband and just screaming as loud as I can, BACK UP OFF OF ME YOU STINKY HOT PEOPLE!!  At 5:06pm I was screaming and trying to seek shelter. I was so scared a tree was going to fall on me and crush my baby I had just fallen in love with.

Life is so precious and even more so when a beautiful baby is involved.  My life has been changed forever... I know I may be behind on this epiphany.  Forgive me for taking so long but this pregnancy has been plagued with difficulty and fear.
Again, there is a very good reason that gestation is 38-42 weeks, people like me need it!

Go ahead give it a try... Look down and fall on love, it's beyond awesome! ;)

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  1. That made me cry, and not just because I'm a hormonal wreck...well maybe in part. :) I'm glad you're ok!