Aug 31, 2011

Beyonce is Pregnant… in Stilettos!!!

During the MTV Video Music Awards when Beyonce threw her microphone down on the stage, ripped her coat open and rubbed her fabulous Baby Bump I gasped then cried (I know big surprise there). I’ve never been a big Pop Personality follower.  I get a people magazine when I travel for cheap entertainment and the crossword.  In fact, last time I read a People magazine I felt like such a loser, I hardly knew any of the “A-list.”  When it comes to Beyonce however, I would have had to have my head in a hole in the ground…for the past decade… to not know who she is.  I bet even the Bush people in Africa sing her songs while hunting.

I think she is an amazing, inspiring, extremely talented, very hard working, fabulous female role model.  Unfortunately, right now I am so green with envy it’s unreal.  While watching her performance I was as usual blown away by her dancing, singing and ridiculous amount of energy, all while wearing a stunning pair of shoes supported by 4 inch toothpicks.  Pregnant, busting her butt in a pair of stilettos… Now that’s doing the damn thing!

I have heard “if you did that activity before baby it is ok to continue, “running, aerobics, swimming, cycling, dancing in stilettos….” There is no way to even know how far along she is either.  For all we know she let the world know because she is due next week.  On a very catty note I rewound her performance for hind sight purposes, I still didn’t really notice the bump, but it was clear that her backside curves had clearly extended.  Thank God, I finally have something in common with Beyonce!

If I could turn back time, of course I would have started kick boxing or running or something so my bump and curves would have developed a little slower.  Now I really feel lazy for only taking a short walk every day.  I wonder, if I exercised more would I have a better attitude too?  Thanks to Beyonce and my jealousy I am going to find a pregnant water aerobics class and start prenatal yoga pronto.  I have no right to be jealous while sitting on my couch with a bowl of popcorn.  I need to do the damn thing too so I can feel justified about being jealous of Beyonce.

Oh, by-the-way a Huge Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z and their families.  I am not going to lie, I would much rather read her pregnancy blog than mine.  ; )

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  1. My potential Doula teaches a prenatal yoga at Shine on Tuesday evenings. Secret tip: Prenatal Yoga is yoga. There are some positions that are ill-advised, but if you kept up a practice prior to pregnancy then you are probably alright.

    As for me, I used to be extremely active till the baby took all my energy, motivation, and well-being. And now that I'm feeling better I'm still taking it slow.

    And Catherine Zeta Jones was pregnant when she filmed the movie Chicago. Talk about grueling.