Aug 4, 2011

13 weeks pregnant... cramping, tightness & pulling.... I'm showing properly now!!!

Over the last two days I have felt heavy cramping but different than usual.  More like stretching and pulling instead of twisting PMS-like cramps. Today nearly every one of my clients commented on the fact that I was "showing" now.  I'm stoked because I would look in the mirror the past month or so and just see the chub and bloating.  I know I was one of those people others would look at and think, is she pregnant or just pudgy?  Trust me I have been that asshole who as asked a chubby girl when she was due.  Oops.

My nausea has also been fading away the past couple of days. Not 24/7 anymore, more like 12/7!  13 weeks and counting... I am really starting to think the people who said by 12-20 weeks I'd be feeling better, might be on to something.  Still I had 2 days during week 10/11 where I felt awesome then spent the next week with my head shoved in the porcelain princess...  Let me tell you that week I was pissed off and mean as hell.  I felt duped into believing it was over.  In fact I remember the second day of feeling awesome I was afraid I had had a miscarriage because I felt so great.  I guess my worry led me to being 100% positive baby was still in control.

Sweet Mother of all that's great, please let this peace in my belly be real and lasting this time!  I have heard there are so many more crazy feelings and experiences to come. I don't want to miss them from feeling so sick and in a daze the whole time. In fact, I, Mrs Hates Being Pregnant, am getting excited for all of the crazy feelings!  After spending the last two days feeling the tugging and pulling in my belly only to wake up to a real "baby bump," it's AWESOME!!! In hind sight of course all that tugging and pulling makes sense... let the games begin!!


In other news....

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  1. Congratulations... pregnancy is the non explanation experience mother only feel that experience...

  2. I am almost 18 weeks as a first time mommy and I went over the weekend to get maternity jeans. The lady at the counter asked if I was buying them for someone else or for when I get pregnant. This was a total blow to my confidence. I am a curvy girl but you can distinguish between my hips and my waist. I am not "apple" shaped woman. My tummy is starting to push out at the top and it is rock hard but the bottom is still a little soft. I am hoping for a nice round belly and not the double belly. I just felt crushed by her comment. People suck. :(

  3. Im 21 weeks pregnet and my belly feels likes its going to pop none off my cloths fit me which stressis me out . My boyfriend is a twat who thinks making jokes at me is funny . Omg im having his baby i canrt sleep ive got no enegy and twice my normal size with a baby pulling and pushing my insides about ? He wouldnt last a day feeling like this ?? Please sumone tell me how not to kill him