Jul 24, 2011

Pregnant... Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired...TBP

Have I told you lately that I am TBP!!!! I love that there is a "condition" called TBP or Tired of Being Pregnant. I am so steeped in that condition.  I have not slept well in at least 8 weeks. I am up nearly every hour on the the hour peeing.  What's worse is if my husband is snoring I can't get back to sleep! I have slept in the guest bedroom because of this numerous times.  Which reminds me of a whole different blog... I hate my husband!!  I feel so bad.  The poor guy breaths wrong and I plot harm on him. He has one bite of his head left, I have chewed the rest off!  I talked to a girlfriend yesterday who said the same thing, she hated her husband the first three months... I digress...

I am so sick and tired all day!  It has become so debilitating.  I am tired because I cannot sleep well, then I sleep in a little and get overly hungry and wake up super sick.  I then spend the rest of the day in a daze trying to eat well and stay awake.  I dream of my bed during work hours then when I finally crawl in at the end of the day I can't get to sleep!!!  I have tried the body pillow--too puffy and firm. I even went out and got a foam topper w/ a feather bed for my mattress--ok but sometimes too soft. (Goldilocks...)  I have just gone back to using a pillow for my head, a pillow to tuck under my super inflated and sore breast and then one for in between my knees. I'm like a sardine that has to be packed into the can-before bed and then again every hour after peeing.  Again, I am JUST under 12 WEEKS!! From what I hear this is going to seem like nothing in a few months... I can't freaking wait!

Being that 90% of the USA is under a heat wave it should come as no surprise that I am in hot state.  I cannot go outside and breath in the the hot humid air for more than a few minutes without getting sick.  Please pity me... ; ) My Baby makes me sick, my husband makes me sick, my environment makes me sick, my breakfast, lunch and dinner make me sick and while I'm at it my job makes me sick!!! I am an outside sales rep road warrior so it is pretty hard core in the heat.

Since this blog was just a pure hormonal rant I am going to have to dig deep to end on a good note...

UM... Kidding, I am pregnant that is always the best and worth all of this... IT BETTER FRIGGING BE!!!  ; )

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  1. hey.. i am week 26. I visited when i tried googling weather humidity can make you sick. Anyways - i wanted to tell you i know how that feels. I was done and ready to push at already 10-14 weeks. It did get better, but now i`m scared things are returning.. i rather bear pain than be sick.