Jul 28, 2011

My PreNatal Vitamins Make Me SICK

Seriously, does everything have to make me sick?  I am now on my 3rd type of Prenatal. I started with a typical hard vitamin pill, always after dinner. After throwing that up more times than not my doctor recommended the Flintstones chewable vitamins. The taste of those were just too much for me. The last time I took them I had to hold my nose chew them up and wash them down with water. Not five minutes later I proceeded to vomit something awful until there was nothing left in my stomach. My husband went out and bought the next option, Gummy Prenatals. They still make me nauseous but not as bad as the first two!

How can something so good for me and baby be so crap?!  I seriously wish I could stop taking them.  Will they always make me sick? Even when/if I stop being sick day and night?  ARRRGGGG!!  I'm so sick of being pregnant!  I cannot win for losing on this one.  I always have them on a full stomach, and only the suggested dose but they still make me sick.

It's moments like this when I am so sick and frustrated that I have to remind myself that I am growing a Human. It's hard core and should be.  BUT!!  Then I think of those bitches out there who had a dream pregancy and have no idea what I'm talking about.... Whatever my baby is going to be better than yours! > : p

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  1. I didn't take prenatal vitamins for my last pregnancy or this one. the smell alone was enough to make me sick. as for the flinstones, i didnt even bother. i hated those when i was a kid and just remembering the way they taste makes me sick. my doctor told me the baby gets all its nutrients and vitamins from you, the prenatals just replace what the baby takes. so don't feel too guilty if you cant keep them down

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  3. Me too. I never took prenatal vits with my first and my pregnancy right now. I'm already sick and miserable. Don't want to add any more. I'd die!!!