Jul 27, 2011

Maternity Clothes- When, Where & How To Buy?

I am just beginning my second trimester and I have actively gone to buy maternity clothes at least 4 times.  Each time I just get frustrated and give up. I truly hate it. It seems like a huge waste of time and money. I did however find out today that the half belly stretchy pants are for early in pregnancy and the fully belly stretchy stuff is for end of pregnancy.  I also heard that it will feel awesome to have the fully belly stretchy thing over my whole belly.  Yes, that's how well versed I am I call them "stretchy things."  I try to do the research, figure out how to buy and where... my eyes go crossed and my frustration meter breaks and I move on to ANYTHING else.

Today I called my BFF who, by the grace of God, is also pregnant and with her second, and asked if I could make it without ever buying the damn clothes. The answer I got was, "Um, I guess you could if you just didn't give and crap and wear sweat pants and your husbands clothes." In my opinion maternity clothes suck!  Or at the very least shopping for maternity clothes sucks! I live on a limited budget and cannot afford to buy clothes for two months and then buy for two more months and so on.  I'm screwed, I have a professional job so sweatpants and my husbands shirts are not going to pay the bills.

I have another girlfriend who is two weeks behind me.  Crazy I know.... While I'm at it my sister in-law is 4 weeks behind me!  Anyways, this girlfriend is very handy with a sewing machine and has decided her options are either draw strings or make her own clothes. I really envy her because I would go find my favorite material and make Muumuus for days and then just buy leggings to match.

Bottom line, I am holding out until the last possible moment.  I have sundresses to get me through August and then I will cross Autumn's bridge when it gets here. For now I will just add maternity clothes to the list of reasons I hate being pregnant.

For those of you who know I'm nuts and not thinking rationally about the maternity clothes situation here are some top tips from my friends at the Baby Center I found semi helpful- http://www.babycenter.com/0_secrets-of-maternity-dressing_186.bc

Splurge (a little)

All I have to say is that, I am in my third month and still wearing my pre-baby clothes.  Thank God I didn't get pregnant in October- I'd be in maternity by now for sure!  ;)

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  1. Emily says Old Navy has better maternity than Target, and cheaper.

  2. Try looking online or craigslist. I found that most maternity clothes look terrible and the nice ones are expensive but u can find them.

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