What All Expecting Dads Should Know Before Baby Arrives

(**Post by my husband, who is know as FTD on our parenting blog, firsttimemomanddad.com)

OK soon-to-be first time Dads, listen up!  This post is for you guys who haven't had the pleasure of experiencing the most anticipated week of your life so far.  The dreaded 7 days before 'ole fat-guts' explodes and pops out your brand new son or daughter.

I reckon that most of you would agree that we tend to take a backseat to this whole pregnancy thing...we've silently dealt with 9 long months of strangers wanting to rub the wife's guts, quietly shuffled through miles of 'Babys R us' aisles buying crap, eaten the vilest of organic tofu dinners, taken time off work to sit in a doctors office while the wife does a $400 pee, slept lonely on the hardest of sofas and assembled the most ridiculously difficult cribs, toys and damn strollers. Geez!  But in the last 7 days or so, something primeval happens in the back of our minds and we realise that shit is becoming real - then we panic a bit.

"Crikeys...I'm actually gonna be a DAD!  What the Hell do I do now?"

Soon-to-be-parents, use this for your holiday wish list!

**I've partnered with My Registry to share an awesome idea for Holiday Gift Lists.

Being that my little guy was born the first week of February, my entire Holiday wish list was things for him. So when anyone would ask, I would point them to my baby registry for gift ideas. It wasn't until I partnered with My Registry, did it occur to me that I should still have a holiday and birthday registry for my son.

I know it might sound a little forward, but what's worse, getting sweaters from Aunt May and pants too small from grandma, or telling them upfront what your child really needs or wants?

SEE!!!  It's a brilliant idea.  Why should registries be for weddings and baby showers only?
Is it really so bad to have a wish list, and send it to friends and family during the holidays?  Wouldn't they be relieved to have a list?

I know I am!

So, get this, a website called MyRegistry.com has figured out the most BOSS way to create a registry, for ANY occasion, or just a wish list and works like Pinterest boards!  So cool...

Want the best parenting app on the market FREE, and a chance to win $250?

Never in my wildest dreams while writing short stories and poems in my seventh grade English class, did I think I could turn my love for writing into a job!  But, I did. I've had so many amazing opportunities, including being published in a book on the New York Times Best Seller list!

Last year, I got to work with a team of incredibly talented child development experts and writers. Even though I knew I was apart of something huge, I never dreamed how huge. I never dreamed what a difference this team would make to new parents. It's been the most fulfilling experience in my career.

FACT: Over 10k downloads while still in BETA testing on Apple devices, in the first two months!  That's almost ALL word of mouth growth. THAT is how amazing, Lifeline Milestones is. That's how well this tool helps parents navigate the first two years of their child's life.

Top Rated Waterproof Crib Mattress Every Parent Should Know About #Giveaway

*I've partnered with Amy Carinn to start a conversation about how parents want the very best for their children. All opinions are my own.

I think all parents will agree, we want the very best for our children.With first-time parents being the most guilty of taking it to the extreme. We want the top rated safest mattress with the best cover and sheets, as organic and natural as possible. The same goes for the clothes they wear and the food they put into their body.

One place I'm always looking for the top rated baby and children's gear is Amazon. They have a top sellers listing that I constantly browse. I see something new or that I like, I read the reviews see if it's really the best.  There's no denying, Amazin is a great place to find a great deal too!

When Amy Carinn, of the Amy Carinn Collection, reached out to see if I would review her Amazon Top Selling waterproof mattress cover, for both crib and Pack 'N Play mattresses, I certainly took a look.

After reading the reviews,  4.9 stars out of five, as voted on by 145 people, most all verified purchases, I was certainly impressed and intrigued. One of the reviews was even from someone who left an initial review May 5,  then came back in July just to say how much they still loved it. I don't think I've ever seen that!

10 Things To Really Expect When You're Expecting...

For all my expecting readers, and moms who have had the pleasure of post-pregnancy amnesia... this one is for you...

1. Pregnancy is not an Event, it's a Process-Who ever said it was nine months was a damn liar! 40weeks=10 months Dumbass!  10 insane months that take you on the wildest most unexpected journey of your life.

2. Morning Sickness Is Only The Beginning of a LONG day- Speaking of Dumbasses...Morning sickness is really morning-noon-and-night sickness! So who ever called it Morning Sickness and got it to stick was clearly a male dumbass doctor! That shit lasts 24 hours a day for 20 weeks... or 40 weeks depending on... God knows what since no two doctors can agree on the exact cause of it.

20 Pregnancy Truths

Want to know what you really should expect when you are expecting...

The day before I delivered.
Trust me there were no unicorns or rainbows
that guided me peacefully through my pregnancy!

  1. One of the first symptoms is 'Morning Sickness,' which then becomes 'noon, night and the rest of your pregnancy sickness.'
  2. You will cry over anything, anytime, anywhere.
  3. Your daydreams will not be about your baby or fairy tales... they will be about ripping people’s faces off. 
  4. Strangers are going to touch you, and this is completely legal when you are pregnant. Yes, they are going to reach right out, rub on your belly and tell you some sort of personal story about a friend or family member's pregnancy, and the seriously crazy thing is that, most likely, you will just stand there and take it with a smile.  
  5. Your significant other will remain #1 on your sh!t list for the duration of your pregnancy.  
  6. Think you are only going to gain a few pounds and exercise everyday?  Yeah, good luck with that...20-60 pounds are coming, deal with it. This pregnancy is not about your butt, it's about growing a healthy baby.
  7. Refuse to use a public restroom? Do they disgust you? Get ready for some life changing experiences. By week 12, you will pee anywhere. Including the uni-sex toilets in a dark alley behind a gas station. Tip: Keep a travel size roll of toilet paper in your handbag for ill equipped places, i.e. guardrails, inservice bathroom, bushes behind church because the line is too long to wait...
  8. Expect lethal air to flow from your body for months. Seriously. Your pregnancy induced flatulence will flush out an entire movie theater.
  9. Don't worry, it's not only you, every pregnant can't push out a poop without cussing and sweating, a lot, first.

MUST READ: This Is Going To Change The Way You See A Doctor... #MomsLoveAmwell

I've partnered with the One2One Network and Amwell to talk about an exciting way to see a Doctor from the comfort of your living room. All opinions are my own.

I was recently asked to test an app that allowed for a doctor, therapist or nutritionist visit in the comfort of my home. Being that this idea of home doctor visits has always been a dream of mine, I was excited, but also VERY skeptical. I mean really, a doctor visit via an app? Really?

Still, my want for a home doctor outweighed my skepticism, plus the first visit was free, so I really had nothing to lose...

Last Friday afternoon, I was having some issues with a current prescription, and couldn't get in to see my regular doctor, so I thought what the heck, I'll give the Amwell app a try.  Ollie was napping, and FTD was in the other room, so all was quiet. I downloaded the app, and began the process.

Pregnancy and Sleep: What To Expect When You're Expecting

*I have partnered with LUNA to talk about Pregnancy and Sleep!

It didn't take me long in my pregnancy to realize sleep was going to become increasingly difficult.  Especially because I am a belly sleeper!  By my seventh month of pregnancy, I was considering buying a massage table to sleep on, so I could let me belly hang through the belly cutout for preggies. 

I'm also pretty sure I did not sleep during my ninth month at all! Between the discomfort, four million trips to the bathroom and the fear of becoming a mother keeping me up at night.  Below is a fantastic infographic compiled by Luna, the worlds smartest mattress cover

Without further ado, Pregnancy and Sleep and what poor preggies can expect!