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WARNING: Love, Marriage and Babies require a very delicate balance

Dec 23, 2015

Who Knew This Whole Married With Children Thing Would Be So Damn Hard?

Most all of you know the story of how FTD and I met, (if not you can read it here.) It was a true fairy tale. Love at first sight. Fire in my heart and soul the minute our eyes met. To this very day, when he kisses me, my heart skips a beat. When he holds me close, all of my fears and anxieties melt away. It's truly magic.


It's not all unicorns and rainbows. We still have our disagreements. Our fights. Nights on the couch. Silent treatments... FOR DAYS.

And since having a child... those disagreements, have increased by a GAZILLION.

DO NOT Take This For Granted, You Will Miss It!

Dec 21, 2015

15 Things I Took For Granted Before Becoming A Parent

Who knew a child would not only turn my life upside down, but make it look like it too?! Needless to say, I love my incredibly spirited toddler and I most certainly love being a mother and I wouldn't trade it for anything... 


The kid is a tiny tornado! He never stops going. On the days the little tornado reaches F5 status, I can't help but think about how much I miss the time when...

  1. ...the back seat of my car didn't look like a child snack buffet exploded on it.
  2. ...leaving the house in less than five minutes was actually doable.
  3. ...I had regular play dates with MY friends.
  4. ...I didn't wonder every time I pick up my tooth brush if it's been used to clean a Hot Wheel
  5. ...I could eat cookies, candy or chocolate without having to hide it from a candy crazy little person.

Dear Preggies, This IS Why We Do it...

Dec 20, 2015

A Mother's Love... There's Nothing In This World Like It.

I was maybe five when I started playing the, “I love you more than…” game with my mother.  I would start off with, “I love you more than all the grains of sand in the world.”  Then my mom would reply with something like, “Well, I love you more than all of the stars in the sky!”  To this day, we still play this game. However, it was not until last year when I had a child of my own, did I realize that she was right, she did love me more…

So far in my 36-years of living, I have had some great loves; the first, of course, was my mother. My next loves were the handful of boys from grade school to college I was sure I was going to marry, and make babies with. Then, at 30-years old, along came my husband, my true soul mate, the great love of my life, no love could be better, or so I thought... There was one more love to come, just as amazing and profound... but in a much different, unimaginable way...

This is my bliss.

THIS Is A New Parent MUST HAVE #CongiCase #GameChanging

Dec 16, 2015
I am all for crowd funding campaigns. Besides the fact that I've scored amazing products at a fraction of the now retail price, I love that small moms and pops get a chance to bring their dreams and creations to life. What's more, it's a space for parents to bring true game-changing products to the scene. 

Some of the best products I've reviewed, have been created by parents. Parents know what children love, want and need, so it's no surprise they make the best new products! 

One of those parents produced products that I recently fell in love with is the Congi Case. You know how getting a great photo of a newborn to toddler can be a challenge?  The Congi Case combines medically proven facts about newborn to toddler eye development with STIM graphics to get those little ones to stay still and actually FOCUS on the camera! 

**Today, I'm partnering with Izzy Gear to share a fantastic STIM design inspired product that will help new parents get the perfect photo every time. All opinions are my own. Starting with this one, I LOVE  THE CONGI CASE! 

The method to the madness is simple, The Cogni Case uses interchangeable art cards with STIM inspired designs to engage your child’s gaze to the back of the phone allowing you to take clear and well positioned photos of them anytime.

Pregnancy + Sleep: What To Expect

Dec 13, 2015